Immigration Tweets of the Week: The People Speak

Moderate apartheid supporter @defiantlionUK is back and he’s even angrier about immigration and socialism. This week the Furious One has named and shamed the leading socialists in history, including Adolf Hitler, Barak Obama and Tony Blair. For some people, this might be a controversial list but @defiantlionUK used a meme to prove his point:

@defiantlionUK likes a meme and has used a popular one for those who use Godwin’s Law.

What about the comparison of Hitler and Obama, we hear you ask? If @defiantlionUK can do anything it is to hold two completely contradictory views.

@defiantlionUK is a fan of Tommy Robinson and his theories. You may have heard about the problems in the Labour Party. What they don’t tell you is that there is something very sinister going on. Tommy Robinson has donned his tin foil hat to explain: Labour are happy for mass rape to happen just to get into power. Tommy does not mention what the feminists in Labour think but that would be to remove his tin foil hat.

Britain has seen a lot of problems. Crime. Low pay. Bedroom tax. Floods. But there is something worse than anything and we are sleepwalking into a disaster.

No examples are needed. But if they were Exeweb’s No. 1 Fan has risked imprisonment by mentioning a banned word.

The most persecuted people today are upper-middle-class students and here we have one who bravely defended David Cameron’s dog-whistling on the topic of refugees by courageously speaking truth to power and addressing criticisms head on.

You may have heard that there was a big anti-immigration demonstration in Dover populated by people who are not fascists according to parts of Twitter.

Wait, if there were no fascists what were these chaps doing in Dover?

It was of course a non-violent protest and any violence was not the fault of pissed up meatheads with violent histories but waif-like Arsene Wenger signings.

SCOT DEFENCE LEAGUE elaborated on this.

Others also condemned the violence.

That’s that cleared up. A BIG WELL DONE TWITTER!


It’s Not Right Wing It’s a Fact: Tweeter of the New Year

Tweeter of the New Year goes to @defiantlionUK for whom all arguments must be supported by evidence such as memes, unaccredited websites, tweets, and fury. @defiantlionUK bravely and anonymously defends Britain and whites against [INSERT BAD GUYS HERE]. @defiantlionUK ensures we check our Muslim, queer and black privilege to appreciate the plight of whites everywhere who are currently being oppressed everywhere. His bio is: “Neo heretic, I refuse to convert to the multicult rainbow creed. The political elite are destroying the West.

Consistency is for the small minded as Defiant Lion both equates apartheid with Islam and thinks apartheid was “not a bad system” in the hands of whites, brilliantly holding together two utterly contradictory views

@defiantlionUK also provides a “safe space” to discuss heterodox viewpoints:

@defiantlionUK reveals that she/he/trans/prefer not to say is a leading authority on Islam:

She/he/trans/prefer not to say also insists on calm, reasoned debate:

Latin is Real English

It has been a myth created by Muslims and the European Union that the EDL motto, IN HOC SIGNO VINCES, is in a foreign language called Latin. These propagandists want us to believe that Latin is in fact from proto-Indo-European via the early Italic languages associated with Rome which then came to English via the French and immigrants. Nothing could be further from the truth. Latin was, in fact, invented by St George in AD 298 and was widely spoken by English knights alongside Old and Middle English. A hybrid version of working-class Latin was organically developed and called “Langlin”, from English, Anglo, and Latin. It was prominent in medieval street protest movements worried about increasing Francofication of England.

A reconstruction of an English medieval knight speaking ‘Langlin’

While we are at it, another myth the Mohammedeans and Liberal Media claim is that St George was from the Middle East. Not true. George went to the Middle East and got a tan but who doesn’t enjoy a holiday in the Med?

Slough 01/02/14: Official English Defiance League Statement

There have been a number of independent statements about Slough. Time to put forward The Truth about what English Defiance League officially says.

The march in Slough today was certainly about allowing a choice between halal meat and Englishly slaughtered meat at the local kebab shop. But it was about much more than that.

Hardworking and law-abiding citizens can expect to live in a reasonably pleasant and friendly environment. Is that too much to ask?

However, mushrooming mosques and increasingly available halal meat means that such aspirations are being threatened. By demonstrating in Slough, the English Defiance League shone a spotlight on these issues. We highlighted that the Slough Pie ‘n’ Eels shop had been turned into a kebab shop where the owners insisted all non-Muslim men wore the burqa and were not allowed to have English meat scraped off the abattoir floor.

But what’s more the kebab shop is now claiming that they need parking for 750 cars. Traffic is already congested in Slough and residents will have to walk to schools and hospitals. It will probably mean OAPs having to get piggybacks in the case of emergencies. It is fair to say that halal meat and burqas have increased traffic jams in Slough.

Slough council were not initially convinced by the claims for additional parking but shamefully changed their minds. At a rowdy meeting, Slough council ignored a petition signed by 42 residents over fears of over traffic and parking. They gave permission for the Pie ‘n’ Eels shop conversion to go ahead. The chairladyperson of the Residents’ Tennis, Croquet and Bridge Club (RTCBC) later claimed, ‘It’s an absolute fucking disgrace. We will look to the English Defiance League. They understand our needs – unlike that bunch of cunts! We didn’t get a straight answer to any of our fucking questions.’

The Pie ‘n’ Mash Shop will now join a long list of communities where locals have been driven to crying and anger by the ongoing nuisance of burqa-and-halal-meat-inspired Islamic kebab shops and their customers parking their cars along local streets ignoring the local concerns, and probably the law itself.

The local Islamic kebab shop will possibly even terrorise local residents, as well as providing cheap food for midnight revelers. It will not promote or engender cohesion. But the local council ignore our complaints. Well, we care and we will not be ignored. Today we showed that when English Defiance League members from all around the country took to the streets in vast numbers (some even estimate a number higher than 50) to demand the English voice be heard. We exerted democratic and non-democratic pressure to protect the Pie ‘n’ Eels shop. Even if we don’t succeed other local authorities will be fearful of our aggressive non-violent protests consisting of a lot of hard lads and reluctantly factor this into their future planning decisions. Or else.

You might not be feeling the pain in your area but, given scientific analyses, you soon will be. The more feet on the street means that we can force – peacefully – cowardly council workers to back off and reflect the wishes of all the community (whose views the English Defiance League totally reflect) and not just one element. That technically means all the community don’t have the same view but we’ll make sure it does.

On a side note, the non-violent English Defiance League had a record percentage of wifebeaters today – a staggering 98%!

English Defiance League – Sikh Division in Slough

The English Defiance League not being racist, yesterday

While a small minority of EDL supporters may have allegedly laughed at the deaths of Pakistani flood victims on Facebook, and while a small minority of supporters might once have engaged in unfeminist things, the True English Defiance League is tolerant and welcomes people people who are not white and encourages them to “white up” (and unlike the Muslim objection to gollywogs, we don’t take offence!).

That’s right, when we hold our peaceful demonstration in Slough we have asked a Sikh Man to dress up in typical English dress of a suit of armor, a sword, and a shield to send out the message that we are demonstrating peacefully and for good PR.

Sikhs in Slough first erected their sacred temple in 1976 and it, and they, have become naturally English. However, this has now come under threat because the Muslims now want to build an intolerant Mosque which will probably house Muslim paedophile gangs and be a place where Muslims will practice forced conversion to sharia and halal.

We invite all Slough Sikhs to join the peaceful demonstration on 1st February against Islam by also dressing up as St George and bringing along swords to draw attention to the steady encroachment of Islamic institutions which are not encouraging tolerance of other faiths and cultures.

Welcome to Fathers 4 Justice

Fathers 4 Justice – “not organically English”

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed they are. These three pictures come from a group calling themselves the Fathers 4 Justice. These are perfect examples of the anti-Lady attitude that caused our former leader Tom Robertson so much concern.

The English Defence League has nothing in common with groups such as these. While some people think there may be an overlap with wife-beating, domestic abuse, extensive child neglect, and a heavy contingent of casuals, these are not the official policies of the English Defiance League. We do not share their views on fancy dress, we do not believe that Captain America, Batman and Robin or Spidey are English enough, we share no common ground with them, nor shall we ever be in any way interested in forming any kind of association with groups such as these until they recognise that dressing up as St George is proper English protest street dress.